It is the year of our Lord 1482.

For generations the great city of Florence, widely regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, has prospered under the de facto rule of the Medicis. Lorenzo, known as “The Magnificent” welcomes artists, free-thinkers, theologians, philosophers and inventors and offers patronage to those with talent, and will.

In the shadows of the city, the newly established Tradition Council play games of intrigue against the Order of Reason in a cold war of spycraft, recruitment, and when necessary, assassination. The Ascension War has begun, and with the whole of reality at stake, keen blades and venomous chalices are a valuable as artefacts and rituals.

Despite the pretence of unity, the mages of the city still follow their own goals and personal agendas, and centuries old conflicts make befriending other mages a difficult task.

Will you survive the intrigues of Florence, and the dangers of the Dark Fantastic, or will you meet your fate, by blade, or by chalice?chaliceserpent.jpg

By Blade or By Chalice